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Chris Eber

Loan Originator

Wintrust Mortgage

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Chris Eber grew up in the mortgage industry. Having many summer jobs at his family's company, he started at the bottom. Chris ultimately started his own company, New Homes Mortgage, in 1991. Since then Chris has funded over 1 billion dollars of home loans. In 2009, Chris joined the team at Surety Financial. Specializing in high net worth individuals, Chris' clients include: A list Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and Captains of Industry. Chris is an expert in the field of Trusts and Conservatorships. Featured Guest on K-Cal News and KFI Radio in Los Angeles. Expert Witness in the Mortgage Industry specializing in Mortgage Fraud. In 1996 was named one of the Top 100 Originators in the Country by Mortgage Originator Magazine In 1991 funded an 11 million dollar home loan which at the time was the biggest home loan in Los Angeles County History



"Well I have been a homeowner a little over a month now. I wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and utter disbelief on how you pulled this off.It seems such a short time ago that I sat in your office and explained that I had been everywhere trying to get a loan for a condo that was less than 50% sold.

In fact, only one other unit has sold. Brokers, banks, even Warner Bros. affliated credit unions told me no – that I would have to wait three to six to whatever months it took for the building to sell over 50%. I was desperate – but you made it simple."

-Barbara D.


"Please accept and enjoy the small token of our sincere and warm appreciation for what you did (pulled off!) for us with the last minute loan. We love the house, enjoy it immensely, and clearly could not be here without you. Many Thanks."

-Maya S. & Robert A.


"Thanks for everything. With people like you on my side I can’t lose.

Dreams come true if only you believe. Thanks for making my dream a reality. "

-Gail D.