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Gregory Getz

Loan Originator

Wintrust Mortgage

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Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, it is important to have an experienced mortgage professional to help you analyze your financing options, and make sure the closing goes smoothly. As a loan officer with Wintrust Mortgage, I have the expertise and experience to get you the right mortgage, and to handle your transaction professionally. With my experience, and our rates and programs, you are sure to get the mortgage that is right for you.

Please remember to get me involved early on in your home-buying process. Starting the Process not only gives you a better idea of what you can qualify for, it also gives you a stronger negotiation position when you find the home of your dreams.



"I wanted to take a minute to let both of you know how grateful I am for everything that you have done over the last couple of months to help me complete the purchase of my home. I know that the last week, and especially the last couple of days were very stressful for all of us, but your professionalism and genuine desire to make this happen were the keys to success. I'm quite sure I would have lost my mind if you two were not there. :-)

I realize that all too often we only hear the complaints and rarely the thanks we deserve for a job well done. I don't want this to be one of those times.

Please give my thanks also to your managers and leaders as well for their support and efforts. You've helped make my dream come true and I will never forget that! "

-John F.


"I cannot speak highly enough of Greg. He not only helped me get approved for a loan, but he educated me on vaious options, terms and strategies. I proudly recommend Greg Gets to anybody who is thinking about buying their first home or anyone who is interested in applying for a mortgage in general. "

-Benjamin L.


"I have known Greg Getz for several years and have found him to be kind, sincere and always willing to share his knowledge. It was just recently that I had the opportunity to refer him to some dear friends who still had a very high interest rate on their home mortgage but didn't know what they could do to bring their rate down. She is self employed and thought that it would be too difficult to refinance.

When I introduced them to Greg he know immediately that he could help them. In just two short months Greg was able to complete their refinance bringin down their term and their interest rate went down 3%. WOW!

I could not be happier with the services that Greg provided and feel confident that any future referrals will be handled with the same professionalism and kindness. "

-Lynn Z.


"I have had the pleasue of serving as the buyers' attorney on two transactions with Greg in the past three months. I have also had the pleasure of meeting with him as a client. I can say from my own experience that there are no others quite like Greg when it comes to getting a buyer a mortgage. Greg surpasses his colleagues and competition in educating clients, staying on top of transactions, and getting the purchase closed on time and with no drama.

The clients we have had have informed me that Greg made the process incredibly easy on them and that he was a pleasure to talk to, whether about mortgages or anything else that came up. Neither client felt the need at any time to ask me as their attorney about how their mortgage works, Greg had educated them completely. Additionally, both clients felt no apprehension about closing. That is rare. "

-Edward S.