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John Parkinson

Branch Sales Manager

Wintrust Mortgage

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In this turbulent housing marketplace you may have noticed the need for an experienced and reputable mortgage professional. You are also well aware that in business, reputation is everything. People spend years building a reputation that implies quality, honesty and integrity.

Throughout my 20 year lending career, my personal philosophy has been to provide my clients with expert advice. This philosophy has consistently meant three things for my business partners' and clients:


  • 1. Total lower cost over time associated with their mortgage.
  • 2. The ability to make a fully informed decision.
  • 3. The ability to integrate the mortgage decision into their financial plan.


My top priority is providing my clients the best customer service in the industry. In order to provide this type of service I will determine with the client and/or business partner the goals expected to be accomplished by the financing. I will then explain the entire process and provide an accurate estimate of the proposed financing. By working closely with my client, business partners and our in house support staff, I can guarantee timely, smooth closings.