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Jim Pope

Sr. Mortgage Consultant

Wintrust Mortgage

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Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, it is important to have an experienced mortgage professional to help you analyze your financing options, and make sure the closing goes smoothly. As a loan originator with Wintrust Mortgage, I have the expertise and experience to get you the right mortgage, and to handle your transaction professionally. With my experience, and our rates and programs, you are sure to get the mortgage that is right for you.

Please remember to get me involved early on in your home-buying process. Starting the Process not only gives you a better idea of what you can qualify for, it also gives you a stronger negotiation position when you find the home of your dreams.


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"Jim and his team were very helpful and attentive to details throughout the process" -Mark K. 2/8/17

"Jim Pope made this financing/home purchase the easiest I have ever experienced. Outstanding help and support!! -Camilla H. 2/22/17

"Have already told our Financial Advisor how great you all were in helping with our loan process and will tell others. -Gregg M. 3/2/17

"Applying and finalizing any kind of loan can be tricky, but they stayed in close communication with me and I felt like everything was completed in the best way possible." -Kelly K. 3/8/2017

"Having purchased three homes, I have gone through the mortgage financing and refinancing process multiple times. Working with Jim Pope was better than anything I had previously experienced by a significant margin.

Prior to working with Jim, all of the interactions I had with lenders carried a negative undercurrent of having to jump through hoops for underwriters that had to justify their existence by asking for insignificant details. Jim and his team at Wintrust Mortgage had more refined customer service approach, simply saying that some of the guidelines that banks had to work within had changed, but we should be fine if you provide this information. When an additional detail or two were needed from my wife and I, it was simply stated that the underwriter had a couple of simple clarification questions.

Given my past experience with these processes, I nearly forgot how many moving parts there are that need to be coordinated. They took my complex financing scenario and made it appear simple and seamless.

It is a testament to the exceptional job done (by) Jim Pope and his team."
-Paul R.

"We recently applied for a mortgage with your company and ended up closing on our new home on April 1.

I have bought multiple homes, condos and commercial properties in the past and this was, by far, the simplest and smoothest process I’ve encountered. Considering the loan was through VA that’s unbelievable in itself.

You set the expectation, requested documents and we were set to close. There were no surprises and closing was on the scheduled date and only took an hour.

You and your team were amazing and made everything appear so simple. I’d be honored to recommend you and your team to anyone buying a new home."
-Tina P.

 "Having been through the mortgage process while observing its many challenges, I realized that not all lenders are created equal. I have known Jim personally and professionally for years, so am well aware of his abilities which are continually confirmed from our other mutual connections.

Recently when I learned that one of my associates was preparing to purchase a new home, I immediately connected her with Jim Pope. Of course Jim was very responsive in following through, and the feedback I received was fantastic. Jim had fluently offered options unique to her particular situation which other lenders hadn’t even considered, making sure she would be in the best position possible.

It is because of his knowledge and awareness that makes Jim an expert in his field, and in turn provides a level of service that is an extension of my own. I will continue to refer friends and associates to meet with Jim so that they can receive the best advice possible while making a new home purchase."
-Dan S.

"My wife, Becky, and I recently purchased our first home, and were fortunate enough to have been referred by Shayna Borakove to Jim Pope, at Wintrust Mortgage.

Jim and his entire team did an excellent job, and we were completely blown away by his level service, attention to detail, follow up, and commitment to keeping everything moving forward and on schedule. There were complexities that came up through the process, and we are so glad to have Jim there not only to reassure us. It was incredibly valuable to us to have such a kind and calm voice on the other end of the line when surprises came up. The commitment he showed to us was just as strong on day 30 of the closing period as it was on day 1, as evidenced by continual communication and assistance up until the minute of closing – a member of his team even got in his car and personally coordinated the delivery of documents on closing day to ensure we closed on time. In addition, I can honestly say that not only was it clear that we were working with the best in the business, but it also felt like we had a friend from beginning to end.

Not only was Jim’s service level top notch during the 30 day offer-to-closing period, but we received the same high level of communication, counseling, and service throughout the time we have been in contact with him – which dates back 2 years prior to our eventual home purchase! Jim took the time to speak with us even before we were anywhere near ready to purchase, and was instrumental in guiding us through what it would take to make our dream of purchasing a home a reality. There were countless emails and phone calls in which Jim acted as an advisor and a counselor in guiding us through the home purchase process, not just as a broker making a sale.

I am truly grateful that Jim took us on as a client, as he was instrumental in getting us to where we are today – 10 days into living in a house that is absolutely perfect for our family of four! I would 100% recommend Jim Pope to anyone looking to secure a mortgage to a home, and he has no doubt gained a client for life in me! I am positive that there is no one better than Jim Pope in the business, and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should not hesitate in engaging him in the process.n Affordable Housing. What a great honor and what a great job you must be doing. I also understand that Wintrust was named the Mortgage Lender of the Year at the same conference. This has to be in large part because of your contribution. Keep- up the great work. I look forward to meeting you one of these days. "
-Peter & Becky O.