couple looking to purchase a home
couple looking to purchase a home
Rob Migasi Branch Manager

Rob Migasi, NMLS #188944

Branch Manager
Wintrust Mortgage

During my 17-year career—including nearly a decade at Wintrust Mortgage—I have always been a jack-of-all-trades. I’m proud and fortunate to have such a diverse set of skills and experiences. I am the person who others come to when they are in need—the grease in the wheels.

My experience in both business-to-business and consumer-to-business sales has taught me the value of being able to work with people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. One of my favorite sayings in the residential mortgage space is “you eat what you kill.” Being on the front lines and having to close deals in order to get paid has built a strong resiliency within me.

Having been the sales project lead in selecting the vendor to launch our company's first high-tech POS, I have learned the value of technology, collaboration, meeting deadlines, resource allocation, and customer experience.

Being our company's first national sales trainer, where I onboarded both individuals and groups of high-performing sales professionals, has taught me the importance of preparation and practice, as well as methods to convey a message to a diverse group of individuals.

A five-time presenter at our National Sales Conference has helped me understand how to grow as a public speaker, and inspire those to whom I am presenting.

My experience writing policies and procedures for compliance, fair lending, and risk review—in perhaps the toughest of all regulatory environments—has taught me how to strictly adhere to regulatory requirements while balancing the needs of our business.

My time at Wintrust Mortgage has also taught me about building strong and effective professional connections. Our company culture is built on open communication and inclusion, which has made for a highly positive, collaborative team environment.

I’ve built strong working relationships with leaders and teams from all departments, including working directly for the head of sales, and closely with the executive team for several years. Cultivating these relationships has led to access to a breadth of resources; I always know who to call to help get the job done. Plus, working for a company with such a strong tie to and presence in the Chicagoland area—which has always been my home—fills me with a deep sense of pride for the communities I serve.

Diversity in my personal life mirrors that of my professional life. From competing in a Tough Mudder (five to date), to partnering with friends for a competitive round of golf, to coaching and mentoring my children in their organized activities, I am always looking for new challenge.


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