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Take Your Home to the Next Level with a Renovation Loan

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Take Your Home to the Next Level with a Renovation Loan



You deserve to live somewhere you truly love. From small-scale projects to a full gut rehab, a home renovation could finally give you the feeling of home that you’ve always wanted. Whether you can’t bear to part with where you live now, or you’ve found the perfect location with a not-so-perfect house, a renovation loan could be just the thing to help you spruce up your space.

Taking out a home renovation loan is easier than you might think. If you’re starting a renovation project in your current home, you have the option to refinance your mortgage while securing financing for your project, all in one loan. For those who have found the perfect fixer-upper, combine your renovation and mortgage costs, also in one loan. Save yourself both time and money, so you can get started on your project sooner.

What types of renovation loans are available?

The two major types of renovations loans are the FHA 203(k) loan, insured by the Federal Housing Administration, and the HomeStyle loan, guaranteed by Fannie Mae. Both options allow you to take out a single loan that finances both your renovation project, as well as the purchase or refinancing of a home. 

There are two types of an FHA 203(k) loan:

  • Standard: This type of 203(k) loan covers major renovation projects, including roof repairs, home additions or large remodeling projects totaling more than $35,000.
  • Limited: This type of 203(k) loan is designed for smaller projects, such as plumbing or electrical repairs, painting or minor renovations up to $35,000.

What are the benefits of a renovation loan?

  • Save time. Renovation loans save you time by only requiring you to apply for and navigate the process of securing a single loan, rather than getting financing for renovations separate from a new or refinanced mortgage.
  • Save money. Securing one loan means only having to pay for a single set of closing costs. This allows you to put more of your money into your home renovation project.
  • Consider how you can maximize your investment. While your renovation project might be guided by what you personally want out of your home, you also have the opportunity to make changes based on what other buyers want. This could help you maximize your financial investment in case you ever want to sell.
  • Have more freedom in where you live. If you have your heart set on a certain location, you might be heartbroken to find the homes in that area aren’t what you had in mind. A renovation loan gives you more freedom to live where you want.
  • Live in the home you truly want. Rather than house hunting for your dream home, make where you live uniquely yours by customizing it to your desired specifications.

When finding the perfect home in the ideal location is proving difficult, taking on a renovation project might be the best way to feel most at home. Then again, your beloved current house might just need some improvements. Save time, energy, and money by securing financing for both a renovation project and the purchase or refinance of your home, all in one loan. 

Your loan experts at Wintrust Mortgage believe you should love where you live, and we want to help you get the most out of home. Are you ready to make your house your own? Reach out to learn more and discuss your options.


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